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Change of circumstances advance

A change of circumstances advance is discretionary and can be awarded when you've had a change of circumstances that is likely to increase your award. You need to apply for the advance in the assessment period that the change occurs.


For example:

  • Adding a child to your claim

  • Adding housing costs

  • Being awarded LCWRA

  • Adding a partner to your claim

  • Leaving employment during an assessment period with no further wages due

What you may receive

The amount is calculated looking at affordability (what else you're repaying) and is no more than 50% of the increased entitlement.

If you have left work, the maximum you can be awarded is £100.

All advances are discretionary.

Prison leavers

If you have recently left prison and awaiting a payment from Universal Credit, speak to your case manager and ask if they can arrange an advance. You are allowed an advance of half your standard allowance and this can be done before any suspension is lifted from your claim.

How to apply

You can apply for a Change of circumstances advance by calling Universal Credit on 0800 328 5644.

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