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Disabled child

The Universal Credit disabled child addition is included in your claim for every child or qualifying young person (QYP) on your claim who is in receipt of DLA or PIP or is registered blind. It is included even for children who don't receive a child element due to the two child cap.

Note: The disabled child element does not replace any other source of help, if they receive DLA or PIP then this will continue to be paid as normal.

The disabled child addition is payable at 2 rates: 

Higher rate (£487.58) (£456.89, if prior to 8/4/24) when the child or qualifying young person: 

  • receives the higher rate care component of DLA

  • receives enhanced daily living PIP

  • is blind (a child meets the criteria if they have a valid Certificate of Visual Impairment regardless of being in receipt of DLA)

Lower rate (£156.11) (£146.31, if prior to 8/4/24) when the child or QYP receives: 

  • DLA at the middle or lower rate care 

  • DLA mobility at any rate

  • PIP daily living at standard rate 

  • PIP mobility at any rate

If you care for your disabled child for 35 hours a week or more (remember this includes planning, preparation, supervision, evenings, weekends and through the night) and they are in receipt of PIP daily living or middle or higher rate care DLA, you may be entitled to the carer element. 

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