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Reporting changes

Throughout your claim on Universal Credit (UC) you will need to report certain changes as they happen. We get lots of questions about when to report the changes and how to do it so we have created some guidance for you to follow. 

Adding a child to your claim

You should add a new baby to your claim as soon as they are born, regardless of when you are registering the birth. If you become responsible for a new child, you should add them to your claim straight away. You should add the baby/child regardless of whether you will not get child element for them due to the 2 child cap. 

To add them to your claim, login to your online account.

  1. Press report a change of circumstances. 

  2. Press children and who I live with.

  3. Review current information and press make a change

  4. Type in date of change (this would be the day the baby was born or the date the child came to live with you) and press continue

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