Shared ownership

Shared ownership is usually provided by housing associations and means that you own a percentage of your home and pay rent on the percentage still owned by the housing association.

When claiming Universal Credit (UC), you can still receive help with the rent portion of your housing. UC will calculate your rent as a monthly average and pay this in full. You will not be able to receive help with mortgage payments through Universal Credit but may qualify for a SMI loan.

Unlike social housing and private renting, when claiming housing element for shared ownership properties, UC do not take into account bedroom entitlement and there is no housing cost contribution (or non-dependant deductions) for any non-dependants living with you. 


If you report living in a shared ownership property, you will be asked to give details of your mortgage amount and provider as well as the amount of rent you pay.

Note: Shared ownership is calculated manually each month so there may be a delay in producing your statement.