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About us

Universal Credit Essentials began in 2017 with the goal to make benefit information clear and accessible to the public.


We knew that to support as many people as possible, UCE would provide help online, making us available day and night. Often people are looking for help around their work schedule or in the middle of the night when their worries can be at their worst. We deliver our service through our website, online community, and social media.

We make our information engaging and written in plain language that makes it easier for people to understand. We have volunteer advisers who monitor our online community and are on hand to provide expert information and help those seeking advice to understand the options available to them.

All of us have experience of the benefits system and we empathise with how stressful and worrying it can all be. We have a huge team of volunteers actively involved in our organisation and many of us appreciate the difficulty of benefits, disability, working, and childcare. 


We have first-hand experience and a real passion for learning, sharing, and solving problems.

If you need advice or just want to chat through anything, you can find us at the community forum.

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I think UCE is amazing. There is a lot of bad press around UC but knowing and understanding how it works definitely makes it better

UCE has helped so much. Thanks to the advisers I am now confident & knowledgeable with my own claim & have even been able to help my sister work out what she would be entitled to fully when she makes the move over to UC

A brilliant service that has helped me manage my claim. Incredibly knowledgeable. Thank you!

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