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When Universal Credit calculate your payment, there may be deductions.. You will be able to see how much is being deducted in the lower half of your statement.

Most deductions have limits. Queries regarding deductions are dealt with differently, depending on what kind of deduction it is.

Deductions for advances include any new claim, budgeting or change of circumstances advances on your current claim.

Deductions for 'ordinary debts' include DWP, housing benefit and tax credits overpayments. 

Deductions for third party include arrears for rent/service charges, council tax, court fines, utilities and child maintenance.

Overlapping benefit include any legacy benefit paid for the same period as UC (except for tax credits and legacy two week run on) and any overlapping benefits taken into account by UC.

Benefit cap is the maximum amount a household can receive from benefits, unless an exemption applies. If the benefit cap is applicable to you, it will show as a deduction from your entitlement.

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