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Calculate your Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a means-tested benefit and how much you receive will depend on your individual household circumstances.

The most accurate way to calculate your entitlement is with a manual calculation. This can appear a little overwhelming at first but it's a great way to ensure your calculation is accurate and helps with understanding Universal Credit, meaning it's easier for you to spot any potential errors in your claim.

There are four steps to a manual calculation:

How much will I receive?


Every award is made up of your standard allowance and then any additional elements that apply to your household. This total would be your Universal Credit payment amount if you had no deductions. Check out the current monthly rates below or click to begin your calculation.

Illustration of a hand pressing a button on a calculator

2023-2024 Rates table

These rates will be will continue to be applied for any assessment period that start on or after 10th April 2023

Download our handy rates table that you can save or print - download 2023-2024 rates table here

Illustration of a hand pressing a button on a calculator
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