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Deductions for advances

On Universal Credits, claimants may have the opportunity to take out various advances. When you agree to an advance the repayment arrangements are explained to you. They should never take more than the agreed amount back per month.


The maximum that can be collected each month for advances is 25% of standard allowance. For any advances taken before April 2021, you may have agreed to pay back a higher amount (up to 30% of standard allowance) but due to a change in legislation, the amount has been capped at 25% which means it may take some people longer than planned to pay back their advance in full. 

If you are already paying back 25% of standard allowance for advances then no other debts can be collected - unless for rent arrears or utilities.

If you wish to defer your advance for either 3 or 6 months then call Universal Credit on 0800-328-5644. You may be asked to explain your reasons and any hardship you have.


If you have other debts at DWP Debt Management, such as tax credit recovery, call them to ensure they do not increase the amount they recover 0800-916-0647. You may even be able to agree a fixed lower amount. 

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